AUDITIONS! SHPC announces auditions for The Last 5 Years!

The time has finally come to announce auditions for our upcoming Shrunken Heads Production Company Musical: The Last Five Years. The production team is hoping to center some of the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community by casting Jamie and Kathy as a couple of the same gender.


An emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years, the show’s unconventional structure consists of Cathy telling their story backwards while Jamie tells their story chronologically; the two characters only meet once, at their wedding in the middle of the show.

Cast Breakdown:

Catherine/Casey Hiatt-  Character arcs from an ambitious, fresh-faced person in a new relationship to a person stunned by a betrayal and a divorce that they are only beginning to understand. (Age 25, Vocal Range F3 – D#5)

Jamie Wallerstein- Character arcs from an ambitious person on a promising first date with a dazzling career to someone who is blinded by success and ego. They are very lovable, yet make unintentional choices that sabotage their own happiness. (Age 25, Vocal Range A2 – Bb4)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Both roles are open to anyone regardless of gender, and we will work to accommodate vocal ranges and adjust keys to songs accordingly.

*The auditions are open to all local college students, but as Shrunken Heads Production Company is a UCSB student production, UCSB students will be given priority when it comes to final casting decisions.*

The dates for The Last 5 Years auditions are as follows:

Friday, January 8th:

Vocal Audition: By appointment from 5pm-9pm (Over Zoom)

Saturday, January 9th:

Vocal Audition: By appointment from 10am-2pm (Over Zoom)

Sunday, January 10th:

Callbacks: 3pm-7pm* (Over Zoom)

*Not everyone will be called for the entire duration of callbacks, although certain auditionees should expect to stay longer than others*

Attached is the link to sign up for auditions. If you are unable to make it to these auditions days, please send all questions to stage manager  Sarina Tamacheepjaroen (

Fill out the Audition sheet and Sign up for a Vocal Audition time slot here:

For the vocal audition, please prepare a contemporary musical theatre song in the style of the show, about a minute to a minute and a half in length. This will be performed a cappella.

Please sign in to zoom 5 minutes before your scheduled audition time, as auditions tend to run early/late.

*Callback information will be sent out via email after vocal auditions have taken place.*

Rehearsals will be held 3 nights a week, each rehearsal lasting 3-4 hours in length. 

Performances for The Last 5 Years  will be held in mid March. Tentative show dates are March 12th-14th at 8:00pm. Note: The show will be completely pre-recorded

We can’t wait to meet you all!

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